About Fund-Pass



The team at Fund-Pass are a lot like you. We are local merchants, moms, dads and volunteers who are proud to support schools, booster clubs and other community organizations. Like you, we feel a strong sense of connection to the communities we serve.

Back in 2014, we decided to combine our collective business experience and wisdom to create Fund-Pass, the leading mobile app for fundraising.


Fundraising is an essential means of support for many schools, youth groups, and non-profit organizations. Successful fundraisers not only raise money, but also unite the local community – both individuals and businesses- in support of a worthy cause or event. For schools, fundraisers have a huge impact on providing much-needed funds for extra-curricular activities.

Our mission is to simplify fundraising efforts by providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to local, regional and national fundraising groups.


Fund-Pass is the first and only fundraising solution that provides merchant discount cards and coupons via a mobile app platform. Connecting all participants with smartphone convenience, this approach brings enhanced benefits to all involved.

Consumers enjoy the convenience of locating merchants and redeeming coupons from their smartphone.

Participating merchants increase sales by attracting Fund-Pass members to their place of business.

Schools and non-profit groups achieve greater fundraising success via broader participation throughout their community. This environment-friendly approach also reduces the waste of natural resources often associated with printed coupons.